Last update: 17.05.2019

Short description

Dviete floodplain

Protection status: nature park, Natura 2000 site

Administrative division: Bebrene, Dviete and Pilskalne parishes of Ilūkste municipality; Rubene parish of Jēkabpils municipality.

Area: 4989 ha

Year of establishment: 2004

Nature values:

Excellent conservation area of regularly flooding floodplain grasslands of river Dviete and Ilūkste. One of the most diverse and richest bird sites in Latvia. Important stopover site for migrating waterfowl in spring, with thousands of geese and ducks gathering here every year. Important breeding site for Corncrake. At least 28 species of Annex I of the EU Bird's Directive have been recorded.

Management plan (In Latvian, PDF, 4.22 MB)
Annexes (ZIP, 371 MB)
Individual Regulations on Protection and Use (In Latvian)

Map with site boundaries: Kaldabruņa – Bebrene, Bebrene – Doļnaja (Ilūkste)