Last update: 17.05.2019

Album „Nature sounds in Dviete floodplain”

On December 20, 2012, Latvian Fund for Nature and Elm Media release an album „Nature sounds in Dviete floodplain" in CD and digital format. It is produced within the LIFE+ Project DVIETE. The album contains voice recordings of birds and amphibians, recorded in Dviete floodplain during 2008 - 2012. It is the first album of nature sound recordings in Latvia, dedicated to one particular protected nature area.

Only completely natural sound recordings of birds and amphibians are included in the album. It means that recorded animals have not been provoked by play-back or otherwise overly disturbed. Sound recordings do not contain internal shortenings, inserts or mixes with other sounds. Total length of recordings is one hour and six minutes.

All sounds from the record are also published in digital format on the project website, for free listening and downloading as mp3 files:

Maija Ušča, Ilze Priedniece