Last update: 17.05.2019

Meeting with archeologists

Edmunds Račinskis, manager of the LIFE+ project, met with archeologists Egita Ziediņa (expert of State Inspection for Heritage Protection, Department of Archeology and History), Ilga Zagorska (Institute of Latvian History at the University of Latvia; expert in Stone Age archeology) and Mārtiņš Lūsēns, expert in Medieval period, in the information center of Dviete floodplain in 'Gulbji' farm on June 16. Dāvis Gruberts (Daugavpils University) and Elm Media team also participated.


Edmunds Račinskis presented goals of the LIFE+ project concerning restoration of river Dviete, historical and recent maps of the project area, as well as a map of the draft of technical project of river restoration. Participants of the meeting discussed potential co-operation in investigation of Dviete riverbed and banks, which will become possible during deepening of oxbows.

After the meeting archeologists investigated newest findings of separate antiquities as well as visited some already known, potential and newly found sites of settlements in Dviete floodplain.

Archeological studies in Dviete floodplain are especially important, because it is one of the oldest populated sites in Latvia. Important proofs of occurrence of ancient people in the valley and floodplain are found also in 1930s, when natural river Dviete was canalised. Knowledge about the history of Dviete floodplain is considerably increased till nowadays, still new findings could be expected.

Edmunds Račinskis