Last update: 17.05.2019

Results of 'CEMEX Towers fights' in Dviete floodplain

In 8 sites of Latvia, including Dviete floodplain nature park, 'Towers fights', sponsored by the company 'CEMEX', took place on May 19 and May 20. During the event, teams of bird-watchers competed for larger number of bird species, observed from a bird-watching tower during 24 hours. Such competitions are popular in many places of the world; in Latvia they were organised 9th time. The tower of Dviete floodplain was included in the competition third time.

The tower of Dviete floodplain nature park was drawn by the team ‘M-ērgļi’ (Māris Strazds, Jānis Ķuze, Viesturs Vintulis and Pēteris Strautiņš). The team spent 24 hours from 13:35 on May 19 till the same time of the day on May 20 in the tower. Three persons spent the night in the tower as well. 87 bird species were observed during the competition, 4 more species according to the rules were not included in the list.

Still there were no big surprises regarding bird species, bird observation, as usual, was interesting and exciting. Because the floods were ended only before a week, there were practically no reed birds in Skuķu lake. Only Reed Bunting was added to the list in the very evening, there were no Great Reed Warblers and Savi’s Warblers. Participants were lucky to observe such species as Black Stork, which in previous competitions had never been observed so many times and regularly – it was possible to observe at least one individual almost every hour. Several duck species demonstrated their spring plumage in the vicinity of the tower during whole competition period. At least three Spotted Crakes called near the tower in the evening, competing with different calling amphibians. Most interesting observation was a pair of Black-necked Grebes with territorial behavior – a new observation from the tower and a new site of the species in Latvia.

Viesturs Vintulis