Last update: 17.05.2019

The first season of grassland restoration completed

Restoration of grasslands in Dviete floodplain nature park has been stopped due to the beginning of bird breeding season. In total 46.3 hectares of grasslands are restored during the time period from September 2011 till the end of March 2012 by cutting trees and bushes. Thus the area of 30 hectares, planned to restore during the last winter, is exceeded. Rising of water level in Dviete river and Skuķu lake in February and March made completion of bush cutting impossible within few land properties. Grassland restoration works will be continued after August 1 there. Felled trees and bushes were removed from the floodplain as far as possible and will be used for wood chips and firewood.

Removal of overgrowth has changed the landscape of the nature park near Putnu sala and Skuķu lake considerably. Migrating ducks, swans and waders were resting and feeding in grassland areas, restored during the last winter and flooded in April, already this spring.

In total it is planned to restore about 100 ha of grasslands during the project course. Signing of agreements on grassland restoration during the next season will be started in summer 2012, regarding both restoration of new areas and removal of regrowth in restored grasslands, where it will be necessary. Restored grassland areas will be maintained, pasturing cattle and horses.

Ilze Priedniece