Last update: 17.05.2019

Model of land surface for Dviete floodplain

The Institute for Environmental Solutions has developed digital terrain model (land surface) for Dviete floodplain within the framework of the LIFE+ project 'Restoration of Corncrake habitats in Dviete floodplain Natura 2000 site'.

Digital terrain model is elaborated using data, obtained by laser-scanning (LiDAR) in summer 2011 – actual and most precise information on the relief of Dviete floodplain. Separation of vegetation surface data and land surface data was carried out to produce terrain model. It is planned to use the data on land surface as one of the information layers to model Corncrake habitats. Besides, it is possible to use the model to forecast level of overflow at various flood scenarios.

Gatis Eriņš