Last update: 17.05.2019

Progress in grassland restoration in Dviete floodplain

Started by joint work event (working bee) in September, restoration of grasslands (floodplain meadows and pastures) in Dviete floodplain has been continued and extended during this autumn and winter. So far, agreements on removal of bushes in 7 land properties have been signed, providing for restoration of 33.3 ha of grasslands. About a half of this area is cleared from bushes already. It is planned to sign two more agreements in December.

Removal of bushes takes place in grasslands of both sides of river Dviete and on shores of Skuķu lake. Removed bushes and trees are taken out of the floodplain and used for firewood and wood chips. Restored grassland areas are maintained by year-round grazing 'Konik' horses and 'Highlander' cattle.

It is planned to restore at least 105 ha of grasslands till spring of 2014 within the LIFE+ project, forming continuous area of grasslands with an area of about 300 ha, suitable for breeding of corncrakes, great snipes and other meadow birds.

Ilze Priedniece