Last update: 17.05.2019

Experience exchange in Ķemeri National park

Pieredzes apmaiņa Ķemeru nacionālajā parkā Land owners and local people of Bebrene parish as well as representatives of LIFE+ project 'DVIETE' from the Latvian Fund for Nature, Ilūkste municipality, Elm Media and Institute for Environmental Solutions went for an experience exchange trip to the Ķemeri National park (KNP) on October 28, 2011. The aim of the trip and field visit was to learn more about river Slampe floodplain restoration.

Slampe river was re-meandered in 2005 within the LIFE project 'Conservation of wetlands in Ķemeri National Park, Latvia' (2002-2006). Today, six years after re-meandering of Slampe river, achievements are obvious – river has more natural look, it's water quality has increased, a lot of waterfowl gather in the flooded areas along the river during spring migration.

The visit started in guest house ‘Pilsētnieki’ in Slampe village, where Jānis Ķuze, representative of the former Ķemeri LIFE Project, gave a detailed presentation about restoration of river Slampe. Participants discussed achievements and challenges (e.g., unexpectedly long process of making agreements required for management works), paying special attention to the technical details of restoration works. After lunch, participants went on a field excursion to the Slampe floodplain.

Ilze Vilka