Last update: 17.05.2019

Working Bee (“Talka”) in Dviete floodplain was successful

Totally 40 people took part in the Working Bee on 24-25 September, 2011.  5 motor-saws were working simultaneously. Participants removed bushes and trees around the ditch with a length of 450 meters, thus improving connectivity of open grasslands, important for breeding meadow birds.

Grasslands, restored during the Working Bee, are located within the pasture ground, fenced this summer within the framework of the LIFE+ project, where 'Konik' horses and 'Highlander' cattle will be released this autumn. Removed bushes and trees will be used for wood chips and firewood. This work was a part of grassland restoration, planned within the project. Cutting of trees and bushes, using project funding, will continue during this autumn and winter in other sites of Dviete floodplain as well.

Local people, participants of 'Dvietes senlejas pagastu apvienība',  Nature Protection Board, Daugavpils Universitāty, including staff of LIFE+ project EREMITA MEADOWS, organisations, participating in Dvietes LIFE+ project – Latvian Fund for Nature, Ilūkste municipality, Institute for Environmental Solutions and Elm Media, as well as several participants from Riga took part in the event. Working Bee was filmed by Elm Media staff, as well as Latvian Television

Ilze Vilka, Edmunds Račinskis