Last update: 17.05.2019

Meeting of the steering group

The first meeting of the steering group of DVIETE LIFE+ project took place on June 9, 2011 at the information centre of Dviete floodplain in 'Gulbji' farm. At the beginning of meeting, Inita Bružika (Nature Protection board) was elected as a chairman of the steering group. Local project coordinator, Benita Štrausa (Ilūkste municipality) gave an introduction about the information centre. Stefans Rāzna, chairman of Ilūkste municipality, expressed pleasure about Dviete floodplain as highly valuable site in the municipality, and gave warm wishes to the project. Afterwards, Edmunds Račinskis (Latvian Fund for Nature) presented aims and planed actions of the LIFE+ project and informed about the progress in protection and restoration of nature values in Dviete floodplain.

At the end of the meeting participants went on a field visit to the project area.