Last update: 17.05.2019

Experts from the Netherlands visit Dviete floodplain

During May 23- 25, 2011 a representative of associated beneficiary ARK Nature, ecologist Leo Linnartz and one of the leaders of consultancy firm Stroming Alphons van Winden from the Netherlands visited LIFE+ project area in Dviete floodplain. Both experts have experience in river restoration projects in Europe.

Visit began in the Information centre of Dviete floodplain in 'Gulbji' farm, where visitors studied historical maps of the area, where situation before and after Dviete river regulation during 1930s is reflected.

Afterwards experts from the Netherlands together with project staff of the Latvian Fund for Nature Edmunds Račinskis and Ilze Vilka, as well as ARK Nature representative from Latvia Jan van der Veen explored the section of the river, planned to restore within the LIFE+ project, and the oxbows, indicating former meandering river course, as well as several sites upstream and downstream this section.

Discussions on different river restoration aspects arose during the field visit, including equipment required for river restoration works, removal of bushes and trees, placement of dams in the straightened river course, impact of beaver activities etc. Visit was documented by filming group of the associated beneficiary Elm Media, represented by Ieva Ūbele and Lelde Goba.

Experts form the Netherlands became aware of the situation in the project area during the visit and evaluated planned river restoration as very important and realistic. As main challenges the ecologists mentioned the hydrological situation (high soil moisture), requiring specific machinery, as well as removal of dense bushes and trees, and suppression of their regrowth.

ARK Nature will use the knowledge gained on the site to prepare recommendations for river restoration, required for elaboration of detailed technical project for engineering works.

Ilze Vilka, assistant of the Dviete LIFE+ project
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Latvian Fund for Nature
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