Last update: 17.05.2019

‘Towers fights 2015’ in Dviete floodplain

Both bird-watching towers of Dviete floodplain nature park were included in 'Towers fights' - bird watching competition with a length of twenty-four hours - also this year. This spring the competition took place on May 16-17.

The tower of eastern coast of Skuķu lake (tower of Zariņu sala), which was included in the competition only the second time, was allotted to the team ‘Himantopus himantopus’ - Andris Klepers, Ilze Bojāre, Mārcis Tīrums and Ieva Mārdega. Still it was raining, when the team reached the tower, there was only +10 degrees and the cold continued all the day (with some degrees below zero during the night), the tower ensured convincing victory to the team - +17 species (17 bird species more than in the previous year here).

The tower is located in a favorable site, because all directions are clearly visible. Unfortunately there were no floods this spring, and water level in the lake Skuķu was low, still it was enough with remaining open water fragments to collect a good „set” of waterfowl till the evening and time to time enjoying passing White-winged Black Terns and Black Terns. Although the night was cold, it turned out to be very good for nocturnal birds - Water Rails, Spotted Crake and Little Crake were singing. Leking Woodcocks were observed over the forest, a pair of Tawny Owls called in the floodplain of lake Skuķu. Morning was quite and sunny, Bluethroat was singing in bushes of the floodplain. There was a Citrine Wagtail among White-tailed Eagles at the lake.

The tower of western coast of lake Skuķu was allotted to the team ‘Naktsputni’ - Edgars Lediņš, Edgars Laucis, Ēriks Dreibants and Ivo Dinsbergs. Observation of the Arctic Skua was awarded as the most interesting observation of the competition. Among other species the team observed a pair of Citrine Wagtails in the vicinity of the tower, two White-tailed Eagles, Lesser Spotted eagle, White-backed Woodpecker and White-winged Black Terns. Most emotions for participants were caused by five Hobbies, catching dragonflies at the tower.

Ilze Priedniece

(after materials of Ieva Mārdega and Edgars Lediņš)