Last update: 17.05.2019

The 5th meeting of the steering group

The 5th meeting of the steering group of LIFE+ project DVIETE took place on April 2, 2015 in the Information centre of the nature park in „Gulbji" farm of Bebrene parish. The meeting was opened by Edmunds Račinskis, project manager (Latvian Fund for Nature), describing progress of habitat restoration and management activities since the last meeting of December, 2013, including currently completed restoration of natural riverbed of Dviete. Participants asked questions about technical details of restoration works.

Afterwards Ilze Priedniece (LFN) informed about information and awareness rising activities of the last year, and Maija Grandāne (Elm Media) demonstrated a video about river restoration, as well as a touch-screen of the project exposition in „Gulbji”.

After the lunch participants went to the Dviete floodplain to look at the restored meandering riverbed of river Dviete in the field.

12 persons participated in the meeting, including representatives of Daugavpils Regional Environmental Board of the State Environmental Service, Latgale Regional Administration of the Nature Conservation Agency, Administration of Bebrene parish, local NGO „Dvietes senlejas pagastu apvienība”, film studio „Elm Media”, ARK Nature, Institute for Environmental Solutions and Latvian Fund for Nature, as well as two students of Daugavpils University (traineers of the Regional Environmental Board).

Ilze Priedniece