Last update: 17.05.2019

Planned activities for the joint work event performed

Bushes and fallen trees were removed from a tree cluster in the grazing area near Putnu sala during the joint work event in Dviete floodplain on October 25. Large growing trees and a stump with a bird cavity were left untouched.

Weather conditions were favorable - although it was coldish, the sun shined whole the day. Number of participants, if compare with previous years, was not high - 16 persons, still we succeed to complete planned works. Inhabitants and land-owners of Bebrene parish, representatives of the LIFE+ project and others took part in the event. Two power saws were used. Participants put materials for firewood and smaller branches in separate piles. Lelde Goba (Elm Media) filmed the event.

Tree stand is more available for grazing animals now. They will keep it open - like a park.

Removal of bushes during the joint work event is a part of floodplain grassland restoration of the project, which is almost completed. Still it is planned to remove bushes in a small area and to complete mulching of stumps of bushes and trees in the areas, where grazing animals browse sprouts insufficiently, during this autumn and winter.

Ilze Priedniece