Last update: 17.05.2019

Field lesson on natural grazing performed

A field lesson took place in Dviete floodplain nature park, 'Gulbji' farm of Bebrene parish on May 28, 2014, where a presentation on natural grazing was given by Jan van der Veen (ARK Nature, the Netherlands). The lector informed about the concept of natural grazing, grazing of grasslands for nature conservation goals and its history in Europe and Latvia. J. van der Veen told about choosing of cattle and horse breeds, most suitable for maintenance of grasslands, and their genetic selection with the aim to gain breeds, appropriate for wild or semi-wild conditions, similar to ancient wild species, as well as on social structure of herds, animal behavior and relationships among herd members.


After a lunch participants of the field lesson went on excursion within the grazing area at the right bank of Dviete river, were grazing animals were observed in nature. Cattle herd, usually avoiding nearness of humans, let to observe them extremely close. It was possible to watch interactions among ‘Konik’ horses as well. White Storks were observed in close vicinity of horses and cattle due to favorable feeding conditions there.

The field lesson was organised within the framework of educational lessons of Dviete floodplain information centre within the LIFE+ project DVIETE, 22 persons attended.

Ilze Priedniece