Last update: 17.05.2019

Hydrological conditions of spring 2014

In contrast to 2013, spring set in very early in the Daugava basin this year. After continuous frost, air temperature rose above 0oC during the first week of February, and rapid melt of snow and ice began. The amount of snow in the Daugava basin was very little this winter, and ice in the Daugava river melt mainly on the spot, not making ice jams, as it is usual.

During the time period from January till April, five very low flood peaks were observed in the middle part of the Daugava river; the highest of them was observed on January 22, during ice drift. It reached only 2.5 m above zero line of Daugavpils hydrological post, which, corresponding to 90% re-occurrence probability is absolutely untypical for the period of spring floods. Thus we have experienced an extreme, characterizing current climate changes - extremely low spring floods.

Dāvis Gruberts