Last update: 17.05.2019

Progress in grassland restoration

It is planned to complete restoration of whole planned grassland area during the third restoration season of Dviete LIFE+ project - autumn 2013 and winter 2013/2014.

Till the end of the previous season – until March 2013, 73.9 ha out of planned 105 ha were restored. The last winter was very unsuitable for restoration management, because floodplain grasslands were covered with thick ice cover and deep snow. Therefore management was applied to smaller area, as it was initially planned.


This winter the circumstances are very favorable - floodplain was not flooded in autumn, and continuous frost set in. 14.7 ha of grasslands have been restored since August 2013; it is planned to cut bushes and trees within at least 6 more hectares till the end of March, reaching total restored area of 95 ha.

The difference of 10 ha, if compare with the initially planned area, is caused mainly by different level of accuracy: more exact information on overgrowth of floodplain grasslands was gained during the project and, consequently, oxbows and small open areas excluded from initially planned roughly drawn polygons.

This autumn high stumps were also removed from the areas, where trees and bushes had been cut above the snow level last winter. Mowing of sprouts in previously restored areas, where the impact of grazing is not enough to suspend regrowth, had been done during this season as well (in an area of 22.7 ha till the end of 2013).

To promote more regular and faster regeneration of grasslands and to ensure possibilities for further maintenance of grasslands, including mowing, elimination of stumps and roots of previously cut bushes and trees within the area of 60 ha is planned this winter, milling till the depth of 15-20 cm with suitable machinery.

Ilze Priedniece