Last update: 17.05.2019

Representatives of European Commission visit project DVIETE

Rosemarie Hingsamer and Susan Brassart, representatives of LIFE unit of the European Commission, and Rolands Ratfelders from external monitoring team (Astrale GEIE) visited LIFE+ project DVIETE on July 2, 2013. A meeting took place in the office of the Latvian Fund for Nature (LFN) in Riga. Representatives of all associated beneficiaries of the project took part in the meeting. Project team gave a presentation about its progress: Edmunds Račinskis, manager of the project (LFN), provided information on habitat management actions and monitoring, Ilze Priedniece (LFN) and Ieva Goba (Elm media) – on public awareness actions, Rūta Abaja (Institute for Environmental Solutions) – on elaboration of habitat suitability model for the Corncrake. Inspection of financial documentation of the project took place simultaneously.

After the lunch representatives of the project and guests travelled to the project area – Dviete floodplain nature park. Participants of the meeting looked at the exposition of the project in „Gulbji” farm of Putnu sala and visited the platform, built during the last autumn near the Information center. Afterwards a short excursion within Dviete floodplain took place, impact of grazing on grassland vegetation was observed and fight with regeneration of scrubs in restored areas discussed. Participants of the meeting had an opportunity to see the cattle herd with new-born calves as well.

After visiting Dviete floodplain, representatives of LIFE unit and Rolands Ratfelders went to Daugavpils vicinity to visit the LIFE+ project Herpeto-Latvia during the next day.

Ilze Priedniece