Last update: 17.05.2019

Joint-work event in Dviete floodplain was successful

A joint-work event (Working Bee) took place at the last weekend – September 22-23, 2012 in Dviete floodplain nature park opposite Putnu sala within the framework of LIFE+ Project DVIETE. During the event, scrubs and trees, growing in floodplain grasslands, were removed.

Like the last year, weather conditions were favorable for working in the field – there were no rain in Bebrene both days. There was 51 participant – inhabitants of Bebrene and Dviete parishes, representatives of the Association of Parishes of Dviete Valley, students of Ilūkste 1st Secondary school, students of Daugavpils University, representatives of Latvian Spring society, representatives of organisations, implementing LIFE+ project DVIETE – Latvian Fund for Nature, Ilūkste municipality, ARK Nature and Elm Media, as well as other volunteers. Thus the number of participants of the last year (40) was exceeded.

5 motor-saws were working simultaneously. About 0.7 ha of floodplain were cleared from bushes and trees. The area is included into the grazing enclosure with ‘Konik’ horses and cattle of the breeds, suitable for living in natural conditions. Grazing area is established for maintenance of restored grasslands – to avoid their further overgrowing with bushes.

On Sunday, after the Working Bee, participants went on a short excursion within Dviete floodplain, seeing grazing grounds and the landscape of Dviete floodplain from the bird-watching tower.

Like the previous year, along with the Working Bee in September current grassland restoration season started, which will continue till the breeding season of birds. In total it is planned to restore about 105 ha of grasslands within the project. During the winter 2011/2012 46 ha were restored; the planned amount for the next winter is about 40 ha.

Ilze Priedniece