Last update: 17.05.2019

Photo story in ‘Vides Vēstis’

Photo story on Dviete floodplain and LIFE+ project DVIETE is published in the summer issue of the journal 'Vides Vēstis' (No3 (140) 2012) (I. Priedniece, E. Račinskis „Kur griezēm griezt"). Photos of landscapes of the Dviete floodplain nature park and most characteristic protected species of the floodplain, as well as pictures, reflecting implementation of the project, are included. Photo authors are Edmunds Račinskis, Ilze Priedniece, Aivars Petriņš, Dāvis Gruberts, Dāvis Drazdovskis, Jānis Reihmanis and Daiga Brakmane. It is possible to print the publication as a pdf file.


Ilze Priedniece